Quality Assurance

Nan Ya PE Pipe for underground fire protection is certified by FM Approvals.

To begin with, Factory Mutual Insurance Company of America, known as FM, is the international organization implementing inspection and verification. As a result, to comply with the highest standards of FM Approvals, Nan Ya Plastics Corp. kept strengthening qualities of Nan Ya plastic pipes such as raw materials, molds, and equipment. Finally, Nan Ya PE Pipe for underground fire protection was certified by FM Approvals 1613 in April, 2019 .

Based on ISO 14001 Certification: Environmental Management System (EMS), Nan Ya has been implementing a series of activities in northern plants (Linkou Plant, Kung Shan Plant, Shulin Plant, Jingshin Plant), Chiayi Plant, Hsinkang Plant, Kaohsiung Plant, Renwu Plant, Linyuan Plant, and Mailiao Industrial Park since June, 1996. Successfully, all of plants passed ISO 14001 certification.

In addition, to enhance safety & health and improve performance, Nan Ya has been launching a series of international evaluation standards of OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) since January, 2004. At last, Nan Ya successfully integrated the procedure and operation of OHSAS 18001 into ISO 14001, conducting surveillance audit and regular verification.

With anti-counterfeit verification service provided by one of the largest suppliers and the most productive manufacturers in the plastic pipes industry (PVC pipes market) called Nan Ya Plastics Corporation (Nan Ya Plastics Corp. or Nan Ya), the new application is now available to App Store from IOS system and Google Play from Android system so that customers can scan barcodes on plastic pipe (PVC pipes) by using their smartphones.

Anti-counterfeit Verification Service

To protect consumers’ rights from counterfeit products, Nan Ya developed the application called anti-counterfeit verification service in 2017. As a result, consumers are beneficial to buy authentic Nan Ya plastic pipes and search for their history of quality at any time.

  • Please download the application and sign up.
  • By using smart phones, consumers can scan barcodes printed on a pipe to search for its information.
  • Consumers can immediately search for a pipe’s history of production including barcode number, product name and specification, and production date by scanning barcodes. Moreover, to protect individual rights, consumers can examine a pipe’s quality inspection report including its specifications and physical properties.

Water Pollution Control Management

  • With regard to collection, transportation, and facility for wastewater, Nan Ya developed control and monitoring systems to manage wastewater well.
  • Nan Ya has been improving reduction and emission performance for wastewater by implementing waste reduciton.
  • The fingerprint database of volatile organic compounds (VOC) was established.

Measures of Waste Management

  • After being well classified, waste must be put in designated places in accordance with regulations.
  • Nan Ya always completes a declaration in compliance with laws via computers which can well control clearance of waste’s flow direction.
  • Nan Ya comes up with measures and improvements for sections which overcontrol wastewater management.

Environmental Protection Policy of Safety and Health

  • To reduce wastewater, exhaust, and other wastes, Nan Ya strives to implement waste reduction thoroughly, improve raw material, and develop improving process technology.
  • To comply with environmental protection law, Nan Ya commits itself to strengthening operation management of pollution control equipment and preventing abnormal situations.
  • To maintain natural environment and shape relative culture, Nan Ya endeavors to reinforce the conception of environmental protection to staff and contractors.
  • To build up a close rapport and open communication, Nan Ya takes action to disclose relative information and practical experience.

Air Pollution Control Management

  • Each factory from Nan Ya must be upon environmental inspection regularly.
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and real-time monitoring connected with computers, installed for large emitters, are so intelligent that warning can be issued immediately and automatically if something happens.
  • Air quality is monitored regularly and odors are examined jointly.
  • The fingerprint database of volatile organic compounds (VOC) was established.
  • Nan Ya regularly goes through strict surveillance audit to a total amount of air pollution emission from industrial districts.