Founded in 1958, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation (Nan Ya Plastics Corp. or Nan Ya), one of the largest suppliers and the most productive manufacturers in the plastic pipes industry (PVC pipes market), encompasses four types of products— Plastic Processing, Plastic Raw Material, Electronic Material, and Polyester Fiber.

Besides, advocated by two great founders— Wang, Yung-Ching and Wang, Yung-Tsai, the spirit of “Industrious and Simple, Infinite and Perfect, Sustainable Operation, Social Contribution,” is absolutely the best route to be followed by Nan Ya. Thus, based on the great success of business, Nan Ya has been involved with public welfares such as college education, medical service, and care for the vulnerable, and it has been dedicated to constant improvements for public welfares such as scale expansion and quality enhancement in order to take the full responsibility of being a corporate citizen.

History In early 1980s where the plastic pipe factory was established, its monthly capacity was 5,500 tons. However, after the market was expanded rapidly and equipment was introduced massively, PVC pipe formula replaced lead with tin in 1995. Therefore, the plastic pipe factory dramatically increased its monthly capacity to 19,042 tons in 1997. Moreover, market share of Nan Ya plastic pipes in Taiwan had reached 62% at that time. Apart from such a high market share, Nan Ya had been developing special plastic pipes for diverse applications. Take three new products for examples, some of which are ASTM UPVC pipes, which are applicable to electronics factories, heat resistance CPVC pipes, which are suitable for hot springs and high-temperature fluids, and high impact resistance pipes, which are used for earthquake-stricken areas in Taiwan. Later, the Cyber-Physical System (CPS) was established for the plastic pipe factory in 2016, and the plastic pipe laboratory was certified by TAF National Laboratory Accreditation in 2017. At last, by building up the smart plastic pipe factory based on Industry 4.0, Nan Ya, one of the largest plastic pipe suppliers in the plastic pipes industry (PVC pipes market), is dedicated to enhancing capacity and R&D, providing customers with top-notch products and services.
As No.1 brand of plastic pipe and PVC fitting corporation around Asia, one of the largest suppliers and the most productive manufacturers in the plastic pipes industry (PVC pipes market), is now seeking partners from different fields to join us as Nan Ya's reliable plastic pipe dealers.